Fund Raising Management

It all began almost 40 years ago as a volunteer working in support of the local marching band and a high school music program in Windsor, Ontario. From the early days in a smokey bingo hall up to and including today, Dennis R. Ullman has helped to raise over $40 million for various charities and non-profit organizations. During the past 35 years he has initiated, planned, developed and produced many special events, business related win-win partnership opportunities, corporate fund raising campaigns, building development drives, charitable gaming opportunities and other resource development related activities. He is known as a "straight shooter" in the industry. His past involvement includes his Chairmanship of a Provincial Management Council that included charities, industry leaders and government officials. He was an executive member of Charities First, an association that represented the needs of charities across Ontario and Planning Committee member for Burlington's Sound of Music Festival. Mr. Ullman has worked with Immanuel Christian School, AboutFace International, Ontario March of Dimes/March of Dimes Canada (Rock for Dimes, Campers Helping Campers), Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Foundation (Chairman of Operation Heartbeat), Durham Christian High School, Canadian Hearing Society and the Hamilton/Burlington YMCA.
Professional Consulting Services in the areas of fund development, promotion and public relations have been utilized by charities who operate on national, provincial and local levels. Through the years, excellent working relationships have been established and maintained with many colleagues in the charitable sector, along with various business and government liaisons. Mr. Ullman currently works with March of Dimes Canada in their Fund Development and Communications Department as Associate Director of Special Events and Community Relations.

If your charity or non-profit organization is looking for expert advice and support that is based on a proven track record from someone with many successful years in the fund raising industry, contact our office at 905.718.8123 for more information.